Callista Lamply, a young professional art therapist, is working with children dealing with cancer. Enter Pheonix, an imp of a child, dealing with her terminal cancer the best she can. Strangely, Callie has had visions of Pheonix in her dreams, and shock registers now, having Pheonix, in the flesh, here at her art table. Callie becomes emotionally attached to this young girl as she prepares herself for the inevitable. This task of pushing facts aside so that she can continue to honor her professional duties becomes monumental with each tick of the clock.
When dreams of lost love causes images, voices and emotions to bubble up from the recesses of her mind, Callie wonders if she has finally found what she truly wants in life. Each will decide their fate by allowing that little voice within to be heard. Just listen and believe.

Even Willows Weep is the second installment in the Bye For Now Trilogy. In this sequel, we follow Callista Lamply as she continues on her life journey with experiences of love and loss. We watch as Callie encounters new relationships, while mindfully fostering the friendships she’s maintained. Come on along this thing we call life and see where a sprinkle of belief mixed with a pinch of fate will take you.


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